Sunday, July 09, 2006

16 miles

Did a different route to try and get more time on the trail and less on the pavement. SR to Lake B, 3 laps around, and back for what I'm calling 16.5. My plantar fasciitis was feeling pretty good until I stepped back on the black top for the leg back to SR. Maybe I should just stretch out my long run to 4 Lake B loops -- 18.4 miles. To do that I'm going to have to ignore go up to <150 bpm at the end. I was bumping the 145 and the route went like this
- 15:00/127 out, 49:48/133 lap 1, 48:56/139 lap 2, 52:01/143 lap 3, 16:43/144.

The last lap and leg back I faded in time because I was fighting the 145 alarm. Sticking to 145 seems stubborn at this point. I could just reset the alarm to 150 and finish at the same (slow) pace? Anyway, I think I'm going to run an 8K to break up the monotony next week. It's Sat night which screws up the long run, but I'll do 8 in the am, the 8K (5 miles) in the pm and 8 the next day for 21 on the weekend. Real life will cause me to miss two days this week (Tues and Fri). I'll need 30 in three days to make 50 and keep the streak up. Yikes. I think I can get 10 in on Th morning. Tomorrow was going to be 8. That would leave 12 for Wednesday. I should have time for that.

Ran again with my WC7-1 shoes.

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