Sunday, April 20, 2008

week of 13 April

Saturday and Sunday made for a strange end to an otherwise positive week. I was really encourage by the mile repeats on Friday and then I ran in the mid-day heat (80 degrees) yesterday for my "easy" 5. The easy 5 was 9:05 min/mi and 154 bpm average. Ugh. Today I planned to do 8 warmup/easy, 8 at marathon effort, 2 cooldown. A thunderstorm came through though and scared the hell out of me (there weren't a lot of Mississippis between flash and boom as I'm running on an open bike path next to a highway), so I "booked" it up the steep last two miles to my house. The pace vs heart rate was pretty demoralizing although I had one nice 7:21/170 mile in there (I climbed over a hill in the middle, but it was a -50 feet net downhill). Without further ado,
  • warmup/easy 8.00 miles/9:13/~138bpm
  • 8:04/152, 7:33/166, 7:38/169, 7:25/168, 8:03/169, 7:41/168, 7:21/170, 7:45/171, 8:10/169, 8:01/170 (can you spot the hills?)
Blech. I spent a lot of the marathon "pace" time wondering if I should just run an even effort at the marathon and improve my time rather than shooting for 3:15, which seems completely out of reach.

Here's the week:
  • Mo - 5
  • Tu - 6 am; 6 pm
  • We - 5 @ 8:21/156
  • Th - 5
  • Fr - 11 w/ 4x1600m 400m jog am; 3 pm
  • Sa - 5 @ 9:05/154 -- noon, 80 degrees, blue skies
  • Su - 8 w/up, 1 at 8:04/152, 9 at 7:51/169
Week: 64.9/8:42/149

Two weeks to go. No more long runs!

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Joseph P. Wood said...

Greg, I wouldn't sweat it too much honestly: you've done the work and you're fit. It's the point in the training where you're probably just a tad tired. Take it easy--you'll get through just fine--3:15 will seem much more likely once the taper really kicks in.