Saturday, April 12, 2008

74 degrees

I waited until the afternoon to run because I'm planning to do the same 8 pm; 20 am "double" I did a couple of weeks ago. I gallowalked the 8 miles this afternoon but it was still a little more than I bargained for since it was 74 degrees and pretty humid, too (dp of 56). It was 68 at 6am. Anything like that on 4 May and I'm screwed. It really makes me wonder if I just would have been better running a mid-March marathon. I certainly haven't improved enough to make up for the likely difference in weather. At least they moved the start up to 6:30 this year. I looked at 4 May temp at 9:45 for the last few years: 61, 73, 52, 52, 54. I'll take one of those 52s. Please, no 73!

By the way, Michael Wardian won the Mad City 100k today in 6:56:57 which is 6:46 per mile. I'm happy to say I think I could run 1 of those 10k loops at that pace. 10 would be a little tough though.

Joseph ran a PR 10K today.

I've been hitting refresh on the Chippewa50k but no results. We need to know about our man Adam!

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Joseph P. Wood said...

Greg, thanks for the love bro!