Thursday, April 17, 2008

I wish I hadn't read this

I was worried about the hilly second half of the marathon course after looking at the elevation profile. I reasoned though that the climbs were similar to the beginning of Marine Corps. Still, I was worried that maybe these weren't the steady climbs of MCM, but maybe it was rolling hills up and rolling hills down. Well, I found this on the marathon's message board,

I just ran the second half of the new course today and it's a killer. I would like to know their reasoning for making the second half of a marathon so gruelling. It makes New Design Way look flat... The neighborhood it takes you through is very hilly. The hills are steep and numerous. I forgot to mention that getting to this neighborhood also requires running some big, long hills (of which you have to run twice, heading out and back to the fairgrounds). I recommend printing out the turn-by-turn directions and checking out this section so you know what to expect. You'll be surprised.

Ugh. I have to admit I checked out the other area marathon on the same day (I've run it before) and registration is full. My Cherry Blossom time just has me squeaking under 3:15 by the calculators. CB is as fast as it gets. Killer hills are not part of the equation. I might have to go up there to run this weekend to see what I'm in for.

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