Monday, April 14, 2008

5 easy - ice on my ankle

I failed to mention that I tweaked some tendon/calf muscle/who the hell knows what on Sunday. It's behind my "inside ankle." I'd say it was peroneal tendonitis if it were on the outside, but it's not, so it isn't. I did it at about mile 10 yesterday and instead of being smart and thoroughly walking it off yesterday, I took a couple of steps and pressed on. The pain dulled and I thought I was OK.

I felt it with the first step this morning but decided to give it a mile. It "dulled" again and I didn't have a problem finishing the run. Hopefully this is one of those things. I have to retake my cholesterol test on Thursday and have been told not to run for 3 days before (I laughed out loud) because I flunked the muscle enzyme portion. I'm taking this to mean 5 miles on We and Th and my normal 12 w/ something fast on Tuesday. With this injury I'd love to shift my workouts to We/Fr, but then I'd flunk again and the doc will be pissed. Instead I'll attempt my 12 tomorrow. I'll leave out the hard stuff if I don't feel up to it. Doctors...

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Mindi said...

Good luck. Injuries suck. Or shall I say those nagging twinges that you are not sure if injury or not. I usually give it a week before I involve the doctors. If I get them in earlier, I already know the diagnosis. :)

Heal up - you are logging some impressive miles/workouts. Even if it means cutting back for a week or 2 (which I know is more painful than an injury). BUT, You have much to do with this training.