Wednesday, April 16, 2008

didn't want to plod...

...but didn't want to hurt myself. I figured too many completely easy runs were bad for the soul, so I ran a little faster. About 1.3 miles in, I decide to do one loop (2.9 miles) a little faster. I didn't have a pace in mind and didn't want to hurt myself, but I felt like I just eased up to marathon effort up the last hill. Looking at my downloaded hr, I see that I did indeed hit 169 at the top of the last hill. Anyway, the mile splits for today run were 9:16/???, 8:12/146, 8:02/153, 7:48/160, and 8:25/152. Only the 8:02 and 7:48 are completely within the "fast" loop. It felt very easy and the heart rate was relatively low, so I'm happy about that. The whole thing is hilly also and the 7:48 is a net uphill.

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