Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's obsess about weather

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after -- isn't supposed to get above 60. 48 and raining when I ran this morning. Can you believe that? Marathon day? Oh, good old accuweather says the high is 77. Ugh. I shopped over at wunderground and they have a high of 67, so I'm buying from them. National weather service has the same basically (wunderground just republishes). 55 at 6am (start at 6:30) and 62 at 10am (hopefully, I cross before 9:45!). 67% sky cover. 62 degrees would feel damn warm after 26 miles I think. If it were a 5K, I'd say "great!" Unfortunately, it's not. Just run my race...

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aharmer said...

Hey Greg...not ideal weather but pretty good, you could do worse. Positive thinking whatever it says, can't step on the starting line with any doubts.

You should throw out the 'guess my time' game that many others are starting to do. Your Cherry Blossom says roughly 3:12 marathon fitness, I know your mileage is high enough to qualify for being 'marathon fit'. Course is going to be slower than Cherry and weather not as good. You need sub 3:16 for BQ right? I'll start the game with a 3:15:33. Go get em!!