Thursday, April 10, 2008

5 easy

In this letsrun thread, malmo mentions the "magneto loop" -- a route you can run in your sleep and probably have. Mine has always been the 2.93-mile loop in my neighborhood. I've become comfortable with a route that has me run it one and a "half" times for 5.0 miles. I ran it Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (today) this week. My times: 45:08, 45:09, and 45:07. I never planned on a particular pace and only glanced at the Garmin occasionally. Now that's magneto. (Heart rate comparison from the last two above. My HRM is always messed up the first mile before I sweat and I couldn't put the third run on there because Garmin training center only lets you compare two at a time.)

Tomorrow's kind of a big run I think. I'm doing 14 with the last 5 at marathon pace. I've done this a few times before I'm curious to see how my pace/heart rate will compare.

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aharmer said...

Good luck with your run tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the results. Tomorrow I'll be driving through 100 miles of snow and ice to get to a race so I can run through 50k of snow and ice. Fun times!