Saturday, February 02, 2008

just tired

It took a lot of motivation to get out of bed at 5am on Thursday, but I ended up having a great run. On my tough work course, I did 14 miles at 8:13 pace and 153 bpm average, which in addition to being a little higher end aerobic was the longest I've run since the marathon. I felt like I was in better shape than my peak before marine corps. 8:13 is only 26 secs/mi off my PR marathon pace and I usually average 172 bpm. Of course this was much shorter, but it was also much hillier. During the run, I even entertained the idea of sneaking in the 2 March marathon, because, frankly, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up the enthusiasm for 5am runs. Also, the weather should be good and the course is very flat. Anyway, the last two days, I've just felt tired and have been way overeating for some reason (maybe thinking food will give me energy?). Rather than push it, I just ran 45 minutes yesterday and today. Hopefully, I'll be re-energized for my long run tomorrow.

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