Sunday, February 10, 2008

week of 4 February -- I've got blisters on my blisters

Today was the longest run I've done since the marathon. I took it very easy, just wanting to cover the distance. Normally I do my long runs as loops around a 4.5 mile lake path. Today I decided to run there from my house, do one loop around, and then run back. I've done this a number of times before and find it psychologically easier. Here's the numbers (note that the HRM reads *way* high for the first 10-15 minutes, so the short runs are more distorted by that).

Mo - 4.7/9:35/136
Tu - 12.22/8:56/140
We - 6.16/9:26/133
Th - 14.02/8:40/146
Fr - 6.15/9:42/135
Sa - 6.13/9:16/137
Su - 18.15/9:22/142

This week: 67.5/9:11/140, 10h20m
Last week: 68.5/8:41/144, 9h54m

Obviously I ran much harder last week, but I really wanted to make sure I had enough gas to do a comfortable 18 today, which I did. Saturday's run felt very easy. Looking at my logs from Sept/Oct (but without looking too closely), I think I'm doing about as well as then or perhaps better.

The Nike Free experiment has gone pretty well except one big problem. Actually it's two little problems -- the shoes are too narrow in the toe box and squeeze my little piggies, giving me blisters. Also, the 5.0v1s finally ripped in the back like everybody Yesterday, I went in search for a half-size larger at the mall with my whole family (I was ready to spring for them on line or make calls to running shoe stores -- trust me). I found the size 9.5s I was looking for, but ended up with Free 7.0 instead of 5.0. The 7.0s are kinda chunky but maybe it's good to get a little extra cushioning for my long runs. They didn't squeeze my toes nearly as much but they did manage to give me a blister on top of my pinky toe. The existing blister got worse as well. I expected to find an exposed bone when I got home, but only a blister about half as big as my toe.

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