Thursday, February 28, 2008

I need to lose weight

I turned of the alarm and 5am and next thing I know it's 5:20. Argh! I got to work, threw on my stuff, and noticed I left my Garmin, so I went both HRM-less and watch-less today -- caveman running. I did 14 with the last 5 at marathon effort. The first 9 were a little faster than a couple of weeks ago (I'm guessing). I ran with the Free's again and my form felt so much better, but my pinky toe was bothering me again for the last 4 miles.

I stepped on the scale last night and saw 164.5! Holy cow. What happened? I weighed again after my run this morning and saw 160.5. That number was 157.5 not too long ago. I've signed up for to help track my calories. I set my goal as 154 lbs on 3 May. I think getting the BQ is as simple as that. If I weigh <= 154 on the night of 3 May, I'm pretty sure it will happen. If not, .... Losing weight is a lot harder than running though.


Mindi said...

I swear every time I read your blog I think, "me too." This time is not exception. Man a few extra pounds really stinks. I put on 5 extra pounds in a couple of weeks even though I cut my caloric intake (I guess I cut my running even more though).

Good luck. And I like the "caveman" running. I have been doing a lot of that lately too.

Greg said...

Glad to hear from you! That lawyer-mom thing must be keeping you busy.

Looking at you PRs, we're very similar as well. Of course, I'm a guy :(

By the way, as my mid-western female alter ego, let me suggest this: Don't eat chili after a long run. Trust me on this.