Sunday, February 24, 2008

week of 18 February

Mo - 6.3/8:35/149
Tu - 14.02/8:24/149 steady
We - 6.59/8:01/150
Th - 10.15/7:49/161 -- ~1.6 w/up, 7/7:34/165 (roughly marathon effort), ~1.6 c/dn
Fr - Rest
Sa - 6.12/8:40/149
Su - 20.7/9:37/147 (HRM was way messed up 1st two miles, 144 is probably right)

Week - 63.9/8:43/150

So, I just went out and slogged a really slow run today. I ran 3:05 last week and the plan was just to run another 15 minutes. Everything went OK except I felt a strain in my left calf at 17 miles that was pretty sharp at one point. I threw in some walk breaks and made it through OK.

My mileage has slumped recently, but it's been because of missing one or two short day, which I don't equate the same as missing (drastically shortening) one of the three 10+ mile runs.

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