Sunday, February 03, 2008

Week of 28 Jan -- weird week

I went from thinking I was in the best shape of my life on Thursday to thinking I should just give up on this running thing today. 15.47/8:49/149 today versus 14.04/8:14/153 on Thursday. I planned to do 18, but my schedule (along with some common sense?) prevented that. Anyway the week was

Mo: 10.27/8:09/???? am (battery died on HRM), 4.00/9:09/133 - hotel treadmill
Tu: 8.00/8:50/136 - hotel treadmill
We: 7.00/8:49/133 - hotel treadmill
Th: 14.04/8:13/153
Fr: 4.86/9:13/143
Sa: 4.82/9:33/133
Su: 15.47/8:45/149

Week: 68.5/8:41/144

I sure miss the 8:46/137 of running on the flats at Disney. My average was really even higher for this week since the monday run with no HRM was certainly greater than 144 bpm. I'm probably tired because this was really a pretty big jump in overall workload. My previous biggest week was 70.2 miles @ 140. Hopefully this will pay off.

Thoughts of a 2 March marathon have given way to reality. I gotta keep this up until May?

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