Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back from travelling

Mo - 6.3/8:35/149
Tu - 14.02/8:24/149 steady
We - 6.59/8:01/150
Th - 10.15/7:49/161 -- ~1.6 w/up, 7/7:34/165 (roughly marathon effort), ~1.6 c/dn
Fr - Rest
Sa - 6.12/8:40/149

I was proud to get in the 16 miles over the three days on the road (we, Th, Fr). I was at a conference that basically ran from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm every day (talks plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so I got up at 5am and get in 6 miles one day and 10 another (with ~7 at MP). The third day though, I just couldn't get out of bed. Still, I'll chalk it up as a victory.

I noticed my left foot aching this morning and some plantar fasciitis warning signs. I'm pretty sure it's from switching back to the wave precisions from the Frees. The wave precisions are considered pretty minimal by conventional, Runner's World standards, but I really think they're a little too much shoe. Unfortunately the narrow Nike's have mauled my toes. I'm not quite sure where to go now with shoes.

As you can see, I've upped the intensity quite a bit. I did that partly because I knew that I would get my normal mileage in over Wed-Fr. I'm also thinking of varying my approach a little to make more out of my time during the week. Really, I'm probably just getting impatient. I'll make sure the long runs are still be quite slow though. A 20-miler is on deck for tomorrow.

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