Tuesday, February 05, 2008

eat like crap, run like crap

On Monday morning, too much cheese dip on Superbowl Sunday "inspired" me to cut my run short at 4.7 miles (meant to do 6) and deal with some, shall we say, digestive issues. This morning, I did a 12-mile run, but it didn't go nearly as well as last Thursday's. I also confirmed on the gym scale what my home scale was telling me -- I'm about 1.5 to 2 pounds over my pre-Disney weight. As Adam would say, I've fallen below the yellow line. I was about 158 (I think) before Frederick last May and now I'm at 159. If I really want to qualify, I should be less than 155. The tire around my midsection confirms it can be done. It only requires the will to do so.

I need to eat healthy. I started with a mish-mash from the salad bar for lunch, but I need to come up with some alternatives. I'll have to check Adam's recipes. I'm basically looking to eat more plants -- vegetables, beans, etc.

My run today was 1h49m. It's hard to believe last Thurday I did 2 more miles in only 6 more minutes. Of course, I ran at a much higher heart rate to do that. My quads were sore though and I didn't push it. I think my cardio is well ahead of my legs. My basic plan is 1:45 on Tu, 2:00 on Th, 2:30 on Su, and 1:00 the rest of the week. That adds up to 10:15. I'd like to get more sleep on the nights before 1-hour runs, but if I do them at home, the extra 30 minutes in traffic means I don't save that much time. If I do them at work, then I'm driving in to work in the dark and driving home in the dark every day. That kinds of sucks.


Mindi said...

Heh. I hear you. I only made it 3 miles on Monday, and they were painful miles!

Good luck with getting the sleep/run/work routine. I am still trying to figure it out. And I am also battling a couple of unwanted pounds. It is amazing how quickly the pounds can come on once you start sitting at a desk all day! Ack!

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing I've had happen to me is when I have a "binger", if I manage to clean things up and continue running, the weight usually drops down to normal levels within a two to three weeks. It sucks while it's happening, nou doubt, but you certainly can make adjustments as need be...