Monday, January 28, 2008

week of 21 January -- my week in flatland

Sorry for the silence and thanks for the comments. I just got back from Disney World. The picture shows the running story for the week. A 0.93-mile nearly pancake-flat loop at the Port Orleans resort. (By the way, the map the hotel gives you says it's 0.7 miles. Mr. Garmin begs to differ.)

I did a medium/really easy week (as opposed to hard/easy) and cut back the miles.

Mo - "rest" (2 airplanes and MGM studios)
Tu - 9.97/8:43/138
We - 8.00/9:04/134
Th - 9.97/8:38/140
Fr - 6.14/9:20/138 (HRM falsely high first miles)
Sa - 9.96/8:11/141
Su - 6.22/9:01/130

Total: 50.27/8:46/137

It's amazing the difference the terrain makes. Last week was 9:16/140. The Saturday run was a little less than two minutes slower than my 2006 Cherry Blossom time (which was then a PR), so I guess I've come a long way.

After this week, I could smell 3:15 and thought about the importance of terrain and good weather. Even if I'm in much better shape would I do better at a 4 May marathon on a pretty hilly course than a 2 March race on a perfectly flat course? Ah, I'll never get in the long runs to do a decent 2 March marathon, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Joseph, I'll try not to get volume drunk. I think my non-running schedule might take care of that for me.

Adam, my goal races are the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run on 6 April and the Frederick Marathon on 4 May.

Mindi, the damn dog is lovable and, unfortunately, very old. He's 13 and a half and the demographics for 14 year old labs aren't that good. He's got back/leg problems and can't get up by himself, so he barks to get up to get water, when he falls off the sofa trying to reposition position himself in the middle of the night, when he wants to go out, experiences fecal incontinence (there's a euphemism), you name it. Getting old is a bitch.

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