Sunday, January 20, 2008

week of 14 Jan -- a bird in hand is worth two in the bush

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. That's been my approach to getting the miles, but I went after the two in the bush on Thursday and it cost me some time on the 'mill. On Thursday I was going to run home from work and then back in on Friday. I somehow convinced myself the snow and freezing in the forecast wouldn't be a problem, but when the freezing rain was actually just rain, I was staring at about 3 inches of slush. I took a couple of steps and wisely decided to drive home and run on the treadmill. Then 3 on the treadmill the next morning (couldn't get out of bed for more after the dog woke me up several times during the night) and 6 in the neighborhood Friday night, which I started at about 8:00 because I was stuck at work (my own fault) until 7:30. I should have just stuck to the routine and driven to work and run there on Thursday morning before the snow. Live and learn.

Here's how the week went:

Mo - 9.34/9:28/137
Tu - 9.33/9:19/136
We - 9.44/9:02/139
Th - 9.00/9:32/139 pm
Fr - 3.25/9:14/135 am, 6.04/9:07/141 pm
Sa - 10.72/9:14/144
Su - 13.03/9:12/145 -- actually exactly 2:00:00 long without planning it that way

Total - 70.15/9:16/140

Everything is holding up OK except I got a twinge on the medial side of my right knee today. I don't think it's anything though, but I can still feel it as I type.

I was pretty tired again at the end of the 13-miler. It feels like all these "short" runs have made me weak (endurance-wise), but hopefully I'm just tired after a big week. I was ready to be done at 13 miles when in the past I would have just been getting started. I haven't done more than 13 since the marathon on 10/30/2007. Between 1/1/2007 and 10/30/2007, I ran 18 or more miles 26 times. You have to give up something though, and I've been sacrificing the long run for weekly mileage.

Next week is a cutback week. When I come back, I'm going to go into more of a hard/easy schedule, extending my long run and doing some faster aerobic running.


Joseph P. Wood said...

All right, nice week. Good time to take a cutback; it'll be interesting to see how you'll be the week following recovery. My guess is that you're going to be in good shape. Just be careful not to get volume drunk!

aharmer said...

You're hitting nice mileage. Remind me of your next goal race, I can't remember what you've got coming up.

Mindi said...

You need to do something about that damn dog. That is why they are so damn loveable....

Mindi said...

Sriously though, nice running.