Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a cold wind blows

You people from Minnesota might want to stop reading, or at least promise not to make fun of me.

I froze my %$$ off this morning. Maybe the 10 days in Atlanta made me soft, but I was cold out there this morning. I wore my usual winter fare -- tights, two tech shirts, a running vest, hat, and gloves. I did an out and back. The out was downhill with the wind at my back. The back was... well, you figured it out. The wind blew whatever warm air was trapped in the layers and froze my arms. The same for my cotton gloves and my hat didn't cover my earlobes. Plus, for good measure, it started snowing. Ok, wunderground confirms it was only 28 degrees (stop laughing there in Minnesota) but the wind was 18 mph sustained, gusting to 28, and I was running straight into it.

Of course a nylon shell and a hat that covered my ears would have solved all my problems. Lesson learned I suppose. Now if I could just find that damned hat.


Mindi said...

Can a Wisconsonian laugh? It is currently -4 degrees here notwithstanding the windchill. According to the weather reports, it is around -15 with the wc. Yep, it hurts to even think about going outside.

All that aside, 28 degrees with a stiff wind is brutal. I hear you. Congrats on surviving! ;)

Greg said...

"Can a Wisconsonian laugh?" I thought a punchline was going to follow :-)

Seriously, I remember those days, having lived 6 years in Chicago. Probably not quite as cold as Wisconsin, but the first year I was there (coming from Atlanta) was one of the coldest on record. We set a record low high of -11 (the low was -23). I froze my southern butt off.

I was also there in '95 when they set a record high of 106 in the city. In Atlanta, at least we had air conditioning! In Chicago, we only had a window unit a/c and at full blast in our drafty 80-year-old building (top floor under a black tar roof), it got down to maybe 85 in our bedroom. Ah, those were the days.