Sunday, January 13, 2008

(mpw > 70) == True

I ran 72.25 miles this week. It's the first time I've ever run more than 70. The magical low heart rate of San Diego was lost when I returned to SloTown, U.S.A. on Friday. I'm still scratching my head why I was so much faster out there. It wasn't the terrain since it was definitely hillier there (confirmed by Mr. Garmin -- see above for Tuesday's run). I just dunno.

Mo - 9.4/9:42/135 -- at home
Tu - 10.2/9:33/132 -- San Diego
We - 6.5/9:24/132 am, 3.6/9:22/132 pm
Th - 9.4/9:29/135 am, 6.6/9:13/135 pm
Fr - 4.7/9:37/139 pm -- back home
Sa - 8.3/9:41/147 -- HRM way screwed up, think this was about 140 really
Su - 13.6/9:57/138 -- I was just slow today

Total: 72.25 miles, 9:36 min/mi, 136 bpm average

Anyway, that's about 6 more miles than I've ever run in a week. I'll try for something similar this week. After that, I'll try to move to more hard/easy, mixing in higher-end aerobic runs and longer runs on Sunday.


aharmer said...

Congrats on the mileage PR! I also like the Sportracks elevation map, might have to download a run there soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take your recovery weeks, Greg. It's important to allow the body to adapt and make gains via some rest.

Otherwise, great work. How's the body holding up? You doing the core work you wrote about a little while back?

Greg said...

The bodies holding up pretty well. I'm sore, but none of the "usual suspects" are creeping up. I'm hoping to hit 70 (or close to it) again this week and then next week will be a recovery week. My schedule next week is making sure of that! What's a good mileage target for a recovery week? I'm thinking 50 is reasonable.

On the core work, I fell off the wagon in San Diego. I don't really have an excuse except that I wasn't in my routine and I just forgot. I've been a good boy since I got back. It's easier to remember at work because I start and stop at the gym. Since we have weight equipment, I also started doing some lat pulls in the hope that one day I'll be able to do a pull up again!

Anonymous said...


Usually it's 75% of max volume or thereabouts every 3rd or 4th week, depending on how much you need it.

Also, during the rec week, be sure to reduce the #s of intervals, distance of LR, and/or tempo dist. to 75% as well.

With core work, as little as 15:00 2x a week can make a world of difference, and even just at home w/ push-ups, bikes, side raises, planks, etc.