Friday, January 11, 2008

running on the road

I flew out to San Diego on Monday where it was actually colder than an abnormally warm Virginia. I saw some of the fire damage as my favorite running trail was closed. I managed to get my running in around meetings and airplane travel though by getting up at between 4:30 and 5:30 and doing some doubles. Mo - 9.4; Tu - 10.2; We - 6.5 am, 3.6 pm; Th - 9.4 am, 6.6 pm; Fr - 4.7.

The legs are a just a touch sore right now, but not really as bad as they were nearly every day at the height of marathon training. I was really sailing along fine this week, but might have overdone it a bit with the double on Thursday, but I had to run along the water (see above) when I stayed by the airport before flying out on Friday morning. I also wanted to make up for the morning running I wouldn't get on Friday because I was flying out. If all goes well, this should be my first 70 mile week ever.

The heart rate is low though and the living is easy. Averaging 134 bpm this week and 9:30 min/mi so far. Is my HRM screwed up? This is amazing since last week I averaged 143 and 9:25 pace. There was a 5K thrown in there last week, but still. I've checked the maps on SportTracks and I can see the path I ran is shown correctly. The track shows me turning around at precisely the intersection I did, so I believe the distances. (GPS is amazing by the way.) Could the low heart rate be the mileage be kicking in?

I haven't mentioned it, but I've been doing all this in the Nike Frees without a problem. The only thing "Free-related" is the callus on my right big toe is getting rubbed a little raw. The left arch feels like it's too supportive, but I've had that same issue with other shoes. I'm not sure if my left foot is wider or my arch is lower or what.

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Mindi said...

Cool graphic!

Glad to hear the HR is going down! Those miles are probably definitely giving you a benefit. It also could be from more rest, better hydration, etc. Whatever it is, congrats!