Saturday, August 26, 2006

8 miles -- "pain free" is painful so far

"pain free" is painful so far

I don't know why I haven't written this down so far, but here goes. After hearing about it on a mailing list I bought "Pain Free" by Egoscue and I started doing the exercises for the feet. I can't remember whether I started Sunday or Monday. Anway, as I wrote earlier in the week, my lower left calf was really sore. I attributed it to the 20 miles on Sunday and 10 miles on Monday. Later in the week I figured out my muscles were sore from doing the foot circle E-cise (the soreness is like from lifting weights). I did them through Wednesday, but then it felt like I was going to hurt myself running on my sore muscles. I stopped doing them (temporarily). Today, however, I was more sore than ever and I felt like I pulled the muscle just a little bit.

The fact my muscles were so weak that 30 foot circles could make me that sore tells me my muscles were weak (my right leg is fine). Maybe this is the source of my problem. I had noticed before doing these that I was starting to walk a little pigeon toed and had (occasionally) a kind of tearing sensation on the outer part of my foot. Maybe my weak muscles were keeping my from a proper heel-ball-toe motion? Instead of distributing my weight over the structurally sound arch, I was putting it on the flat part of my feet and straining my fascia? Sound reasonable. Anyway, today I hardly noticed the fasciitis (it's still there though) while running, but it might be because of the pain in my calf!

8 miles

Std out, around Lake A, and back. I didn't

It was much warmer today (I started later too) and my good times went out the window. It was 71/59 when I started and 76/63 when I finished. I just snuck under 1:30 at 1:29:50. Average was 140 too. Ugh. Forecast is for considerably hotter at the 10 mile race tomorrow (dew pt 69 at the start). I'm a little worried about hurting myself with the injury.

What's the plan? Well I'm going to run by heart rate again. During the 5 mile race I kept it around 189 after warming up and ended up at the 186 average I expected. I figure I'll run 3 beats above again. My 10 mile average was 182, so that would be 185. I used bits of the program I've been working on to find my median heart rate from the 10 miler. It was 185, so this looks like a reasonable strategy. I ended up with a big negative split (40:50, 38:35) last time because I was too conservative. I've got to be the only person who always goes out too slow. It's hard to help sometimes though because there are so many people. I *think* I want to see 180 at mile one and creep up to 185 by mile 3. This strategy is based on not being hurt though, so we'll just play it by ear.


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