Tuesday, August 22, 2006

6 miles

Did the neighborhood loop for the first time in long time. It seems like the 8 mile lake route is the shortest I've been running lately. My legs were a bit shattered after the 20 on Sunday and 10 yesterday though. The very bottom of my left calf is very tight. Despite that I seemed faster for my heart rate. I was able to shuffle up the big hill without walking or setting the HRM off. At the 4.90 mile point I nearly made the elusive 10 min/mi (49:21) and my average hr was low at 135 bpm. Weather was good today at 65/55 so that's probably most of it. Looking back this is close to mytimes from May before it got hot. May 15 was 49:36/136. It was 56/55 that day. Have I made no improvement? I wouldn't be surprised. I believe I might be weight-limited at this point. Speed work = eating a salad.

I did the neighborhood loop twice and then turned back and ran to the intersection in front of the school to save a little time (not such a long walk home).

I thought I had recalibrated the foot pod, but it was still at 1.055 and my mileage was high. 6.46 versus 6.23 actual (5.86 + .37 back). 1.017 = 1.055 * 6.23/6.46. New cal factor is 1.017. This thing is all over the place.


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