Sunday, August 20, 2006

20 miles

Back home from vacation, I did my usual long run around Lake B. I wore the foot pod to try and calibrate it and check against my runs at the beach. It's usually very consistent. If it's off, it's off by the same amount but today it varied from lap to lap: 4.63, 4.69, 4.72, 4.74. Actual lap distance is 4.60 miles. I tacked on some after (out and back to far side of the dam) to get over 20. The foot pod read 20.73. The four laps read 18.78 when it should have been 18.4, so 20.73*(18.4/18.78) = 20.31, which I'll use. I guess I'll adjust the calibration factor, but since it was all over the pace, it's not clear what to use. Go with the average I suppose. It was 1.055 today, so I'll change to 1.055*(18.4/18.78) = 1.034. It doesn' really matter though, since I'm at home now and probably won't even use it.

I'm not sure what to do with the beach runs. I've gmap-pedometer'd the airport loops and got 4.33 miles. All my two loop runs were close to the actual 8.66 (8.68-8.71), so it looks like the cal factor was fine then? I got 4.47 however for the loop at then end of my long run. Maybe because it was 9:25 pace?

Today wasn't a great run, but it was probably the easiest 20 I've ever done. I started off very slow and had to step it up a little bit to get to 4 laps under 3:20, which has somehow become my standard (50 mins/lap). The lap splits were 51:39, 1:42:23, 2:31:38, 3:19:12. We'll call it a progression run :-)

Shoes: WC7-2.

60.6 miles this week.
wc7-1 249 miles
wc7-2 128 miles

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