Wednesday, August 09, 2006

10 miles -- ran to work

Great weather today! At 7am, 63 deg with a dewpoint of 55. It was good enough that I consider scrapping the notion of doing some tempo intervals and seeing if I could break my MAFF (<145) run to work record. I change my mind though and did some tempo pace anyway.

I kept the 145 alarm on for the first 56:42, but ran closer to 145 than normal. 22:42/130 to the lake (that's typical heart rate but ~45 seconds faster than in the heat), 25:37/139 to Ba Road. 8:24/144 to the 7-11 on Br Rd.

Then I started some faster pace. I wanted to a little at tempo pace, but wasn't sure how to fit in the route with street crossings, lights, etc. and I didn't have the distances. I thought ofBenji Durden plans that have something like 3 x (9t/3e) which is 3 x 9 min tempo + 3 minutes easy. I didn't want to do quite that much and knew the route didn't support it, but I started running. 9:38/168 got my from the 7-11 to the church/school street crosswalk on Br Rd. I checked gmap-pedometer and that was 1.26 miles. 1.26 in 9:38 is 7:39 min/mi. That's probably faster than I wanted and I wondered while I ran whether I could hold this for 10 miles. I ran a Feb 10K at 7:36 min/mi and an April 10-miler (similar weather) in 7:52 min/mi, but my heart rate just got to the 170s at the end (avg 10-miler heart rate for me is 181 bpm). Am I faster? Ah, who knows. Probably ran too fast.

Anyway, 3 minutes easy was 3:08/159 (gotta cool down), and then I did another 6:06/174 before stopping at a light. Not good to come to a dead stop. Damn roads. Not enough space for tempo intervals. Maybe I should just try and do some longer MP over this course for my mid-week "speed" work. Anyway 6:06 took me from the home depot (just past the corner of Br Rd. and LrT). A pretty good guess of my location at the start gives me 0.84 on gmap for a 7:16 pace. Didn't feel that fast, but this was mostly downhill. I might be misjudging where I started but not more than 0.05 miles which would be 7:40 pace.

The last 24:05/157 got me to work (includes stopping for lights). I went slow but didn't walk/run up the huge hill and my ~10-11 min/mi pace saw my heart rate hit just over 170 by the top.

I got to work in 1:39:40/147 which is 10 minutes faster than ever before. Of course I wasn't doing tempo runs then. In April when keeping my heart rate <150, I ran 1:49-1:50 with an average heart rate of 141-144. So what does all that mean? Well nothing. Nice day though.

shoes: WC7-2

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