Sunday, August 06, 2006

18 miles

4 laps around Lake B as usual. The weather today was great. Low 70's with a dew pt around 58.

I had half-way decided to run the last lap a marathon pace and went ahead with it. The plan was to wait until I was good and tired and see what pace I could run at a marathon heart rate. I ended up started my marathon pace about .4 miles into the 4th lap (had to stop for water and wanted to get over the hill first). My best estimate is 4.17 miles. It took 37:32 which is 9:00 min/mi. If I count the whole lap (the first .43 of which I wasn't going MP) it was 41:54 in 4.6 or 9:07 min/mi.

This looks to me like a pretty good way of predicting marathon time and not a bad way to train. 2 weeks all easy followed by a week with a lap of marathon pace at the end. The marathon is 12 weeks to go. With two 10-mile race and 2 taper weeks. I only have 6 long-run weekends left. Yikes. I'm also not sure what I can stand at the beach (it will be hot!), so maybe only 5 real weeks. I think I'll up to 21 and hope to get a 23 (5 lapper) 4 weeks out with an 18 (very easy) 2 weeks out.

This all sounds great, but then again my plantar fasciitis is killing me. Today was the worst it's been during and after the run. I did some stretches yesterday that I think made the pain a little sharper. I'm not sure if it's better or worse. (My guess is worse!)

shoes today: wc7-1

Week's mileage: 59
wc7-1: 241
wc7-2: 17

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