Wednesday, June 28, 2006

8 miles

Trying to sort out the shoe situation. Wore the shoes I believe are grass-stained today (WC4). After some educated guesses and log review, I believe I have 380 miles on WC4 (grass stained) and 298 miles on WC5.

Out and back to Hun. Blvd on bike path. Took "shortcut" through half basketball court. I just google earthed it. It was 8.24 miles.

I finally learned. I have to go out at really low heart rates like I did before. I knew this. I've said to myself, but I guess reckoning with just how slow that would be wasn't something my ego would let me do, so I ended up going too "fast" and fighting the monitor. Anyway, I took it *very* easy today (probably too easy). The way out was 46:47/131(!) (11:21 min/mi) and back was 44:29/138 (10:48 min/mi). Average heart rate was 136 bpm. All in all, almost perfrect. I say I should have gone a little faster out and maybe a little slower on the way back, but I felt great at the end and the level of effort was like those first maffetone runs. No demoralizing shuffling and beeping!

Still humid. Temp was 69.8F, dew point was 68.6.

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