Tuesday, June 27, 2006

10 miles - ran to work

Swapped shoes b/c the others were wet from yesterday. I really need to figure out which is which and track the mileage.

Took a different route today to avoid the washed out paths. Google earth said it was 10.47. I was incredibly slow. 2:04:15 or 11:52 min/mi! I think I did I much better job with my heart rate. I stayed in the 130's (<135 on the flats) and didn't start to bump against 145 until my usual 1:50 transition point (this is like clockwork). My average was 137. All in all, this felt more like those first few maffetone runs to work when it was still cool. I think this is the way it's supposed to be. Too bad it takes over 2 hours to run 10 stinkin' miles!

I just checked the weather. It was 72.9 degs when I started and the dew point was 71.7(!) at 5:50 am and stayed pretty much constant for the 2+ hours.

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