Saturday, August 02, 2008

Brian Sell interview

This interview will Brian Sell is worth reading if you have a minute.

"as far as feeling fresh, it’s always been just a kind of calloused dull feeling in the middle of these 160, 170-mile weeks where I never feel great but I never feel like just stopping and walking either."

"What have been your high mileage weeks in this cycle?
BS: About 166 this week, and hopefully about the same next week or maybe 170, and then probably start coming down a little when I head down to Florida."

"I’m hoping for the worst conditions possible."


MN Ultra Runner said...

I read that too. I'm doing my biggest mileage ever right now and I'm about 50% of him. Hope it pays off for him in 3 weeks!

Greg said...

The thing that blew me away wasn't just that he did a 166 mile week. It's that he planned to hit 170 the next week!

Anonymous said...

So much for Lydiard's cutback by 10% the last 2 months before the marathon--he's using progression theory I see...well, sort of.

Anyhow, here's a little question for you: what's he covering that volume in time wise? I'm gonna say about 14 hours, but might be off as my math is not so good. Now, how long would it take *me* to cover that distance...

So much for the 3 week taper, eh?

Greg said...

170 at 6 minute pace is 17 hours.
I think it's taking him at least that long. I looked at his logs from a couple of years ago and he ran a lot of "easy runs" at 6:30 - 7:00 pace. (google found them at