Sunday, August 10, 2008

week of 4 August

Mo - 10.32 9:00 139
Tu - 6.31 9:21 136
We - 6.17 9:35 139
Th - 6.16 9:31 137
Fr - 12.77 9:03 140
Sa - 15.45 9:08 143
Su - 12.07 9:26 137

This Week 69.25 10:40:12 9:15 139

The weather was fantastic the last three days -- a little under 70 and dew point in the mid-50s. I'm surprised my pace/heart race wasn't better.

The left knee is a bit tweaked. It only bothers me on very steep downhills though and when walking up and down stairs.


Joseph P. Wood said...

When are you going to start dropping down the tempo work? Just curious...

Regardless, volume's the big thing right now, but get some good weeks of tempo before the marathon hits...

Greg said...

I was thinking the same thing today! My plan is to start sneaking in tempo work on the middle of the 3 low days. My knee has been kind of iffy and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the block of high mileage days right now. Still, I'm not quite sure exactly what workout to do on that middle day. I'll probably rotate through the Joe Rubio recommended workouts with the appropriate marathoner ratio -- kind of a 12-day cycle instead of 7.

I'm also doing the annapolis 10-miler on 24 August as kind of a long MP run like I did last year. Of course I have the half on 14 September.

I imagine I'll do the same thing as last year. I'll run slowly at the half but feel super strong and panic that I need some faster running. Fortunately, I have an extra month this year.

Hell, I'm winging it, but I guess that's obvious!

Joseph P. Wood said...


Some basic thoughts, take them as you wish:

1. Construct something based on the logic of over/under/pace in your rotation. Since you're looking at doing one faster pace workout a week, might be something like

wk 1: 80% of your 5k pace for an 1:00

wk 2: MP ints or straight MP run, again about an 1:00 not including wm/cd

wk 3: under distance race or HM-paced tempo--shorter time...

2. Not sure I'd put the tempo on the down days--the point of those days are recovery, are they not? Might go something like:

On 1: Longer Base Run
On 2: Tempo Work
On 3: Longer Base Run
On 4: Long Run
Off 5: EZ
Off 6: EZ
Off 7: Very EZ

or something thereabouts...