Wednesday, August 27, 2008

14 moderate on hump day

My tweaked knee is still tweaked as it has been for the last 3+ weeks, but I felt like running and came away with some (nearly) round numbers. 14.0/8:30/149 in 1h59m. It felt good to shake the rust off. I also like the ~2hrs, ~150 bpm, and 8:30 min/mi roundness of it all. Having a medium long run to go with your weekly long run is a necessity for marathon training in my book.

This 14 felt very easy. I think I've stretched my miles about the best I can with the 3 high days, 3 low days strategy. When the high days shift mid-week, I can't get anymore than about 14/day in the morning, so I'm stuck in the low 40's for my 3-day mileage total. I also think I need to add some speed endurance to my endurance.

So with a nod to the 7-day week and some inspiration from Joseph's comment, I'm thinking of doing

Mo - 60' ez
Tu - 60' ez
We - 14 miles moderate
Th - 60' ez
Fr - some kind of "workout" (could just be 4-6@80%) - total ~10 miles
Sa - 12 or 13 miles easy
Su - 18+ (building to regular 20+ milers)
Total - ~70 mpw

I've become a firm believer in the back-to-back thing so I'm leaving the Sa/Su. One of my biggest jumps in running came when "training" for the Disney Goofy Challenge (half on Sat, full on Sun) where I did 13 on Sat and 18+ on Sunday.

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Joseph P. Wood said...


On that Mon or Tues, do a 30-40' jog at ridiculously slow pace. Consider taking a day off if need be. One day a week needs to be real slow and not alot of time on feet. Seriously, you need the recovery day.

Likewise, don't ignore the knee. I've gotten runner's knee before and it's a real bitch and can KILL a training cycle.

Have you considered:

--knee and core exercises (email me, I'll tell you what I do when my knee flares up on occassion).
--flexiblity sessions.

We're not 20 anymore--staying healthy is #1, even at the expense of a couple miles.

Finally, don't skip the cutback weeks! I know a lot of people don't believe them, but you're pushing the envelope and your body needs them on occassion for adaptation/repair to fully take place.

Otherwise, schedule seems solid. Don't forget to hit the 20 milers a few times, say btw 11-5 weeks out (no sooner, no later)...