Sunday, August 17, 2008

week of 11 August

Mo - 6.2/~9:00/136 -- usual home route. no garmin
Tu - 4.2/8:22/143 -- Ft. Walton Beach, FL; chased by in by thunder storms
We - ~6.5/8:55/139 -- Ft. Walton Beach, FL; distance a guess since garmin was stopped for ~15 minutes
Th - 17.2/8:49/141 -- Atlanta, GA
Fr - 13.4/9:13/137 -- Atlanta, GA
Sa - 13.5/9:17/133 -- Atlanta, GA
Su - 6.7/8:56/137 -- St Simons Island, GA

Week - 67.7 (don't have my s/w with me for other stats)

Did a tour of the Southeast this week. The weather was very good for where I was. Th was especially nice and I took advantage and did my longest run then. Whenever I travel I appreciate just how hilly my routes in northern virginia are. Atlanta is pretty hilly actually but not where I was. Ft Walton beach is basically flat and St Simons is a pancake. They are *humid* though.

By far the toughest run was the Saturday run. After the 17 and 13, the last 4 miles felt like the last 4 of a 20 miler. This is what I'm going for of course.

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Anonymous said...

You were in ATL and didn't even drive to Tuscaloosa? Sad, man, sad...