Sunday, August 03, 2008

Week of 28 July

Mo - 10.34 1:38:53 9:34 131
Tu - 13.04 2:02:28 9:24 136
We - 6.11 0:59:59 9:49 134
Th - 6.64 1:02:56 9:29 141
Fr - 6.26 0:59:17 9:28 138
Sa - 12.82 1:59:14 9:18 142
Su - 15.06 2:21:04 9:22 135

Week - 70.27 11:03:51 9:27 137
July - 282.99 43:31:44 9:14 139
January - 296.06 45:32:10 9:14 139

July was my second biggest month ever. I ran 296 in January. That's not a typo above. My average pace and heart rate were identical for January and July. I feel pretty good about that considering it's a wee bit warmer in July.

My left knee gave me trouble today. I think I've reported before that I've had this problem where my left knee can occasionally hyperextend and give me a sharp pain in the back of the knee. I never get the sharp pain during running (it usually happens carrying my daughter to bed or something like that), but I sometimes feel a strain back there when running. Today was one of those days. I also had a couple of times today on very short steep downhills where my knee didn't quite track right and I got a sharp pain on the medial side. I noticed this last week when I had trouble walking down the stairs during a fire drill at work. If there are no stair-like descents, I don't seem to have a problem.

Have a good week everyone!

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Mindi said...

Very nice numbers! I think it is quite impressive that your numbers are the same as Jan. Boy are you going to be ready to race when those temps drop!