Thursday, July 31, 2008

signed up for a half

Another one hour run this morning. So humid it felt like swimming. Temp was 72 at 6am, but so was the dew point. As of 8 am the dew point is 73.9 here. Anything over 70 is, for me, where I just laugh and slog through. I threw in about a half dozen short, half-hearted striders.

I signed up for a half on 9/14 last night. I ran it last year. My pace then was 7:08/mile compared to my 2007 Cherry Blossom 10-mile pace of 6:59. I ran 6:53 pace at CB this year, so 7 min/mi seems like a good goal. If I run out of my mind 1:29:59 (6:52 pace) might happen. The course is a net downhill, but if you look at the elevation map in the link, you'll see you lose most of the elevation in the first 2+ and gain in the last 2+. It's a pretty fast course, but not as fast as something like CB. The climb at the end will be good preparation for NCR, which has a ridiculous last couple of miles (after being about as easy as you could imagine for the first 24).


Joseph P. Wood said...

I'll be eager to see what you'll put down now that you've found a training's exciting.

Greg said...

It's so much easier to get up to run in the morning when I am excited. I have no objective data to support it, but I just feel like I'm improving. It's a great feeling.

Mindi said...

Yes, I too will look forward to seeing your time this year. Halfs are so much fun - enjoy! And yes, I think you do have tangible proof - you seem to have made a lot of progress with your race times, paces, HRs....Very nice.