Tuesday, August 26, 2008

kinda edgy

I think the long drive on Saturday and hard run on Sunday put me on edge. I slept horribly Saturday and Sunday night. I've kept the runs on Monday and Tuesday to only 6 miles. Part of my motivation today was to be able to see my daughter this morning before work (rather than drive in and do a longer run) because today is here 9th birthday.

I'm in the self doubt phase of training right now. This phase gets exacerbated by reading too many running web sites and looking at high temperature/humidity runs.

Here are the data from the first 10 miles of Annapolis and Frederick.

----Annapolis 10--------Frederick marathon

Temps averaged 74 with a dp of 67 during annapolis and were mid- to upper-50s during the first 10 miles of Frederick. Total elevation gain in Annapolis was ~1000' according to motion-based and it was ~1400 feet gain over all 26.2 miles and the second half was way, way hillier, so I'd conservatively say <400' for the first 10 miles. So how do these apples and oranges compare? Who knows?

Frequency, duration, and intensity. Those are the only running variables, but it's amazing how you can drive yourself crazy wondering if you're doing the best mix. My 3 up, 3 down experiment has been interesting, but I'm getting anxious. I have done any runs over 17, but I feel 17/13/13 on consecutive days is worth more than a 20 miler. But is it? I've also been plodding around waiting to adapt and be ready for more speed, but shouldn't I just press it (A10 was a start). Do I have enough time? About 13.5 weeks away now and some of that is for tapering.

I'm sure of at least one thing. My mid-section is larger than it was. Fried seafood isn't conducive to weight loss. Need to do something about that. Blah.

I'm hoping for good weather at the half on the 14th. I'm racing that sucker like I did last year, which will be a real data point if the weather is good.

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