Sunday, July 20, 2008

week of 14 July

Mo - 6/9:13/138
Tu - 12.2/9:08/136
We - 9.4/9:12/132
Th - 12.2/9:11/137
Fr - 7/9:41/136
Sa am - 3.3/9:38/132
Sa pm - 8k/8:29/157
Su am - 7/9:43/142

Week: 62/9:13/138, 9 hrs 32 minutes.

It cooled off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurday. It was only 63 degrees (although 100% humidity). Things really clicked on these runs. I started to run out of gas in the last couple of miles on Th, which is pretty much what I expected and a good indicator to cut the mileage for a few days.

My timing was pretty good as the weather just sucked Fr, Sa, and Sunday.
  • I ran at 6am on Saturday morning before the swim meet. Just a quick jog around the neighborhood
  • On Saturday night I ran a big local 8k. With an 8:45pm start time, it's kind of a fun race. I didn't want to race though, so I ran with a friend. He had done a three hour bike ride that morning, so he wasn't really taking it seriously either. At 9 pm, it was 84 degrees with a dew point of 64. (Sadly, one runner died.) I thought we'd do a little faster than 8 min/mi and I'd get my heart rate into the 170s. We did 8:29 pace though. My avg heart splits were 152, 158, 157, 159, and 160. It turned out to be a Joe Rubio 80% run, but without the warmup or warmdown (I did get the 3 miles in the morning). I warmed down with a free Michelob Ultra. I'd never drink it under normal circumstances, but it hit the spot after the race.
  • I didn't get home until 10:30 and after taking a shower it was pretty late before I went to bed. I also inexplicable woke up twice in the middle of the night just drenched in sweat. It was bizarre. I checked the thermostat and it was 72 degrees. Weird. I ended up sleeping in and dawdled enough that I didn't step out until about 9:30. 84 degrees and a dew point of 73. Not a cloud in the sky either and the sun was blazing. I wasn't ashamed to jog at nearly 10 min/mi.

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Mindi said...

Nice miles!

That is awful a runner died - yikes.

Your HRs for the race were very nice - keep up the good work!

LOL - I bet the night sweats were caused by Mich Ultra! :)