Sunday, July 06, 2008

week of 30 June

Mo - 5.8/8:33/143 maintenance, easy-moderate
Tu am - 10.0/8:44/1:47 w/ 3x3 hills
Tu lunch - 3.0/10:12/145 slow and hot on trail
We - 9.3/8:22/149, moderate
Th - 0
Fr am - 3.2/9:04/141
Fr mid-day - 8.6/8:36/154, moderate; 85 degrees and 64 dew point
Sa - 3.2/9:18/135, didn't feel like anything more
Su - 15.3/9:12/147

Week: 58.5/8:53/147, 8hrs 40 minutes

I ran harder than normal on Monday through Wednesday and then didn't sleep much We, Th, and Friday. I didn't really feel like running on Saturday and just jogged for 30 minutes.

I'm not sure what happened today. It was much harder at the end than it should have been for the pace. I guess it was humid. It was overcast and only 73 degrees, but the dew point was 70. My splits were

9:58/125, 9:22/134, 9:27/137, 9:24/140, 9:26/137,
9:20/141, 9:12/142, 9:03/147, 9:00/148, 8:56/145,
8:56/152, 8:54/156, 9:00/161, 9:11/161, 8:54/165

I didn't look at heart rate (or pace really) until the end and was astonished to see my heart rate so high. I'm not sure how to explain it. I'm wondering if I've really lost my endurance. I was doing 18 milers nearly every week for about two years and now I haven't run that far since the marathon. I've also thought that maybe I need more than just water when it's hot. Maybe I should be taking some salt tablets. Or maybe I should be logging more miles.

We've reached midway through the year and it's time to add up some mileage. Through 30 June, I ran 1532 miles. My goal for the year was 3000, so it looks like I'm on pace.


Joseph P. Wood said...

Cardiac Drift would be my explanation. Drink gatorade or water during the run...makes complete sense IMHO. It's not an endurance least, not to the degree you're worried.

Greg said...

I do drink water. Maybe it's not enough, but I'd guess I drank ~30 oz.

Joseph P. Wood said...

It's probably an electrolyte issue then. Try buying a powder mix of gatordade and drinking some halfway into the LR.