Sunday, July 13, 2008

week of 7 July

Mo - 5.7/8:50/140
Tu - 12.2/?/? -- no watch, HRM; think 9 min/mi
We - 12.2/8:39/146 - moderate
Th - 5.5/9:26/134
Fr - 8.6/9:35/133
Sa - 8.6/9:21/137
Su - 8.6/9:07/140

Week: 61/9:06/139, 9 hours 15 minutes

Various aches and pains along with feeling like crap this morning and the dread of running in the heat were my excuse for not doing a long run today.


Anonymous said...

Greg, have you considered a stretching and core strength routine? It can be simple and done at home if time is crucial. It helps me keep the body healthy and address my weak spots...

PS: You and me are back on the Rubio train for now...

Greg said...

I've definitely thought about it. I was fairly good about it (for me) back in January or so, but fell off the wagon. Yesterday, I actually made a token effort effort with one set each of crunches, supermans, hurdler stretch, groin stretch, push ups, planks, and bridges.