Wednesday, July 23, 2008

beautiful clouds

It was pretty hot and humid (72 degs and 69 dew point at 6am) as it has been the last couple of days. When I glanced at my heart rate it seemed lower than I expected though. I was even thinking, gee maybe a sub-1:30 half is in the cards. After about an hour of patting myself on the back (mostly on the downhills), I looked up and realized it was completely overcast. It's amazing what I a difference the lack of direct sun makes between this morning and the last two mornings.
Still, I think the 3 days "high" mileage, 3 days "low" mileage thing is working well.

I seem to be holding up well. I have one persistent niggle though that I've had for a couple of weeks. I occasionally overextend my left knee as if the "stop" isn't there and get a sharp pain in the back. It never happens when I run though. I did feel a little soreness back there at the end of today's run. I think it might be because I wore the precisions instead of the Frees (my foot was a little sore) and I think I overstride in them.

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