Sunday, June 01, 2008

week of 26 May

Mo - 6.8 recovery @ 8:55/131
Tu - 9.8 w/ 3x3 hill am, 3.2 recovery pm
We - 8.7 moderate
Th - Rest
Fr - 10.4 w/ 10 x 4 min @MP, 1 min rest; 3.2 recovery pm
Sa - 6.1 easy to moderate @ 8:55/142 -- look at Monday versus Saturday
Su - 13.7 @ 8:45/145 very humid 71.6 dew point

Week: 62 miles, 8:48 / mile avg pace, 143 bpm avg HR

I found today very tough in the humidity. At the end, I had a HR of 159 while doing only 9:00 min/mi. I think I might have been somewhat dehydrated. Two hours without water has been my winter limit, but I should probably drop that to 90 minutes now that summer is upon us.

I can't run on Friday and I'm doing a 5 mile race on Sunday, so this seems like a good candidate for a cutback week.

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Joseph P. Wood said...

Dehydration will raise HR big time. But don't worry about it. Just be sure to drink up next time--or even run slower. On recovery runs, they don't matter.