Thursday, June 12, 2008

out of gas

I ran home from work (10.4 miles) last night in the heat (87 deg). I went very slowly (9:48 min/mi) but it still wiped me out. Ran back in again this morning. It was much cooler (60 at the start, 73 at the end) but still muggy (60-65 dp). The effect of these back-to-back runs, I feel, is like a long run. The last mile of the morning run feels at least as hard as mile 16 of a long run.

I realized this morning that my endurance is really in the tank these days. The marathon was 5 weeks ago and I think it's time to stop messing around. Of course tomorrow I have to take a big fat zero. No way around it.

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Anonymous said...


You're right, that midweek run, if you can handle it, is meant to get you into shape quickly.

But here's the thing: you took--if i'm remembering correctly--maybe a week to 2 weeks recovery from the marathon--usually, most elites/sub-elites take four. Moreover, you have run two races in relative proximity since the marathon. It's no wonder you're tired! You got to think of these things in a cumulative way.

That said, you're not in the tank. But if you want to really have that breakthru marathon performance in the fall--or perhaps get to the start line--you got to stop racing right now. Just follow the program and get on the miles. And once you get to the event specific training, you do *1* race: a half seven weeks out from the marathon. The program is absolutely based on this--you're putting your eggs in one basket, the marathon. It's a risk, but it works.