Sunday, June 22, 2008

week of 16 June

Mo - 9.3
Tu - 0, sick
We - 0, sick
Th - 5.0
Fr - 5.3 am; 5.3 pm -- park midway and run to work and back
Sa - 5.0 at 2:30 pm (very warm), 20 minutes swimming at 6pm
Su - 15.1/9:44/143 - harder than it should have been?
Week: 45/9:35/140

I thought the weather wasn't going to be that bad, but today was much tougher than expected. 69-76 degrees and dp 65 (that's pretty humid). It was also cloudless and I ran 10+ of the miles in direct sun. Anyway, the last three miles were 10:14/150, 10:23/154, 9:32/163! There was a lot of uphill in that, but still! I drank about 10 oz on the way out and 20 on the way back and downed a 32 oz bottle of gatorade, but was only 157.1 when I weighed myself. I haven't seen below 160 for weeks, so I was likely dehydrated.

This is the end of the 25th week of the year (starting on 12/31). I've run 1467.7 miles and averaged 58.7 miles. Below is a stem and leaf plot of my weekly mileage, and shows my median weekly mileage is 61.


I just want to get in a good rut where I'm just getting in the miles and not thinking about it, but I haven't quite settled on my approach to the marathon, which is now 23 weeks away. I'm far enough out that I could follow either the pfitz or daniel's 24 week programs, which would be nice, because I'd have things pretty settled. I don't really believe in pfitz though. I think threshold early and intervals late might be backwards. Following Daniel's would involve me figuring a few things out. I'm not sure how to structure the week beyond the Q1 and Q2 workouts. Ah, I don't know. There's just too much "information" out there. If I just run enough miles things should work out.

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Anonymous said...

Advice from a non-marathon guy: 23 weeks is a long time away. Put a good 4-6 weeks of easily mileage and see how you feel. It's sounds like you're tired and training--as I've learned the hard way--is not solely an act of will.

As always, I'm pulling for you.