Friday, June 20, 2008

park n run

5:30 - alarm went off
5:55 - driving away from my house
6:08 - reach train station parking lot and start walking
6:16 - reach my pre-determined 0.5 mile point and start running
6:16-7:08 - run 5.3 miles/48:46/9:12 pace/134 bpm avg (extra time was stoplights)
7:08 - pick a nice landmark to stop running and start walking
7:14 - arrived at my building and head up to my office to get my bag
7:18 - back down to the locker room for a shower
7:35 - in my office

I managed to leave my Garmin at work and so I used my Suunto HRM, but got the distance on the way home. The heart rate wasn't bad for the pace. The weather was spectacularly good though -- 55 degrees.

16:50 - left my office to change and stash stuff in the bike room
17:04 - started walking
17:09-18:02 - ran 5.3/50:44/9:34/140, 80 degrees
18:02 - stopped running, walked to car
18:10 - reached car
18:25 - arrived home, showered
18:37 - drove away from home on the way to the pool to join up with the family

Let's see how this compares in terms of efficiency
  1. park n run (above) costs 232 minutes to travel to work and back, shower, and run 10.6 miles total
  2. If I drive in first and run 10.6 in the morning I could leave at 5:50 and be in my office at 8:30 based on experience. Driving home in traffic is 30-35 minutes, so 190-195 total. Of course I get 28 minutes of walking in the first option. Of course running 1 x 10.6 every day is tougher on the body than 2 x 5.3
  3. Another option is driving in, running at work, driving home, and running again at home. I think the time would be about the same as option 1 except I'd spent the 28 minutes walking in extra drive time.
One consideration is that I save a little gas - ~12 miles per day I run. With my car, that's about half a gallon. The thought also crossed my mind that they have bike racks at the park n ride lot. If I ever got a bike...

On the running side of things, I think options 1 and 3 are the best. My legs don't feel bad at all tonight. Doubling is a lot easier than running the same mileage in singles.

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