Sunday, March 28, 2010

week of 22 March

  • Mon AM - Moderate 7.86 1:04:05 8:09
  • Mon PM - Recovery 2.06 0:19:48 9:36
  • Tu - Easy 7.87 1:10:18 8:56
  • We AM - Easy 7.85 1:09:21 8:50
  • We PM - Recovery 2.09 0:20:11 9:41
  • Th AM - Recovery 7.83 1:10:55 9:03
  • Th PM - Recovery 2.05 0:20:01 9:46
  • Fr AM - Drills 7.18 1:09:49 9:44
  • Fr PM - Recovery 2.08 0:19:03 9:10
  • Sa - Moderate 14.01 1:47:11 7:39
  • Su - Recovery 7.86 1:11:42 9:07
This Week - 68.74 10:02:24 8:46

Continued the PF battles this week. It doesn't hurt when I walk barefoot and it only bothers me for a few miles, so I think it's partly paranoia.

I played shoe roulette this week and remembered why I gave up on the Frees. I think they're great for PF as I can easily bend my toes, but the arch is very high and rigid and uncomfortably bashes against my arch. The Precisions feel like Army boots even though they're a lightweight trainer/marathon racer. Loosening the laces let me flex my foot more (picking up my heel) and seemed OK. Still I longed for my ronins and actually wore them on Sunday (even though I estimated they had >1100 miles on them). Anyway, I ordered a new pair of Ronins and found some Free 3.0's that I'd like to pull the trigger on, but couldn't quite spend the extra $$ after buying the Ronins.

The week went pretty well running-wise, getting in 4 doubles and almost 69 miles. I think I might have run Saturday a little too hard. It felt great and I ran ~160 bpm after the first couple of miles, which is well below my MP average (172), while running 7:3x over my usual hilly course. I was wiped out afterwards though like I used to be on a weekly basis when doing long runs. Sunday was a very long 8 miles. I jogged the whole way, but 138 bpm felt tough and I was very glad to be done.

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Mindi said...

Nice mileage! Good luck with the shoe / PF issues!