Thursday, March 18, 2010

8k pictures

Includes some action shots of me avoiding get "chicked" at the end. I gave up on catching a pack of guys on the final straightaway (green tights in the pictures), but when a "girl" came up next to me, that was too much! :-)

My form is so awful and this is probably the best form I've ever run with. I'm sitting in a bucket less than normal and it almost looks like running, but what's the deal with my splayed right hand swinging across my chest?

PF is doing much better. I was pain free in my feelmax shoes last night. A very slight bit of tugging today, but I think I'll be OK.


Mindi said...

Great pics. The "chick" was bib 15 - must have been fast.

Why do guys hate being beat by women so much?! Hey, we rock! The collective "we" particularly being those faster than me! :)

Greg said...

I told a friend (kinda embarrassed) that I'm sure I'd have let her go if she were a 25 year old guy. He said "It's hardwired. Go with it." Don't know what else to say.