Monday, March 15, 2010

hip bursitis? plantar fasciitis?

I (perhaps unwisely) did a shakeout 2 miles yesterday afternoon. I felt like I was banging on my right heel from the get go in my feelmax shoes, but I persisted. This morning I did 8 very easy and I don't think I really noticed it, but walking around today I can feel the tugging under my right foot. Uh oh. I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I had a couple of PF scares that turned out to be nothing, so here's hoping this is more of the same.

My hip has continued to bother me. The pain is pretty local and right on the point of my hip. I've felt all along like it was "in there" and now I'm started to think it's just bursitis. Looking at drawings, it's in exactly the right place. It sounds like a cortisone shot is the real cure if that's the case. Not sure I want to go to the doc though. Maybe ice and vitamin I will get the inflammation down?

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