Tuesday, December 30, 2008

week of 22 December

Mo 6.15 0:55:25 9:00 - easy
Tu am 12.63 1:47:41 8:32 - moderate, w/5 x strides
Tu pm 4.17 0:39:37 9:31 - jog
We 10.07 1:35:21 9:28 - long jog (tired)
Th 0.00 - Xmas
Fr 10.07 1:25:09 8:27 - moderate
Sa 6.99 1:02:03 8:53 - easy
Su 14.97 2:13:54 8:57 - easy (tired legs)
Wk 65.03 9:39:10 8:54

Good week. I could have hit near 70 if I had snuck out on Christmas. I actually had a shot when everyone was taking showers after present unwrapping and before guests arrived.

My legs felt beat up by Sunday's run and I tried to warm up to 8:30's but didn't quite feel like it.

My weight is getting to be a problem. I hit 164 after the marathon and it never went away. After a week of Christmas eating, I'm now up to 165.3. I haven't been there since the end of our week at the beach in August. I can't just up my weight by 3% and expect it won't affect me. We'll see how the 5k goes tomorrow. Last year I ran 20:32 at the Atoms 5k in May and 20:33 on New Year's. This year I ran 19:49 in May. I was hoping to scare 19:30, but with my weight and relative lack of miles of late, 19:50 is looking pretty good. Just checked the forecast and yikes! 40 degrees is awesome. But the wind is supposed to be 20 mph at 4pm (down from 27 at 1pm!).

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