Thursday, December 04, 2008

back at it

Did 30 minutes on the old elliptical today. Been a while since I did that. Got my heart rate up to around 145. I'm a bit out of shape (or not recovered). My "gluts" were still a little sore and my left quad was as well. No problem with the hip or knee. I think I'll try 5 easy tomorrow am. No more sleeping in!


Mindi said...

Oh man, you are going about this all wrong! This is your window of opportunity for gluttony and slack. Take a couple weeks before you start training for Boston!

Greg said...

Hey, I thought waiting 5 days before even hopping on an elliptical was gluttony and sloth!

Mindi said...

Heh. You haven't been paying attention. I am the master of sloth between training programs. Although I am nowhere near 3:15 so perhaps your approach is better. :)