Friday, November 07, 2008

worse than hitting the wall

I saw this on the Baltimore Road Runners Club web site

"Bowhunting season has begun in Maryland and continues until January 31, 2009. This year the Loch Raven Watershed is open to hunters, so BRRC reminds trail runners as well as users of the NCR Trail to wear bright colors. Trail runners may also want to consider alternate venues that are not open to hunting."

The NCR trail is where I'm running the marathon. Something worse than hitting the wall to worry about.

Today's run was bizarre. Feeling beat up, I decide to do the usual Friday 2 x 3 miles, but not run < 7 min/mi like I had. The 1600m splits for the fast sections were 7:11/152, 7:14/156, 7:13/157 and 7:18/156, 7:21/158, 7:30/158. Unreal. My body must be in a weird state. If not, 7:26 is going to feel like jogging. Right not my plan is to run BQ pace (or maybe a minute faster) for the first half and then negative split. I definitely need to bank a couple of minutes for the last two steep uphill miles.


Mindi said...

Crazy!! I run on a trail very close to my house and last year it was a bit unnerving when, during a run, I saw 3 hunters with shot guns less than 100 feet away from me!!

I really cannot wait to see how your race pans out. I have a feeling you are going to be very pleased. What is the date?

Greg said...

The race is on 11/29. A couple of years ago when I ran there I heard a shotgun blast somewhere around mile 10 that made me skip a step.

Mindi said...

At least you will have good reason to keep moving FAST!!!