Sunday, November 16, 2008

week of 10 November

Mo - Rest
Tu AM - 10.95 1:32:43 8:28 148 (74%)
Tu PM - 4.95 0:46:33 9:25 134 (67%)
We - 9.28 1:13:40 7:56 156 (78%)
Th - 5.85 0:55:47 9:32 133 (66%)
Fr - 10.81 1:23:59 7:46 153 (77%)
Sa - 5.31 0:49:28 9:19 135 (68%)
Su - 17.99 2:36:13 8:41 149 (74%)
Week - 65.14 9:18:23 8:34 146 (73%)
Last - 71.14 10:01:47 8:28 142 (71%)
The taper started today with a shorter long run -- 4 laps around the lake instead of 5. It was blech. I'm not sure what to blame it on, but I'm hoping I haven't passed my peak. I stayed up to late Fr and Saturday, ate crap last night, and maybe the oddly warm weather yesterday threw me off. Today was 45 and pretty windy. The only decent excuse is the wind. I was out there from roughly 9 to 12 and the hourly report of winds/gusts from wunderground was 15 mph/29, 23/32, 16/28, and 16/27. Still it's hard to explain. My fourth lap last week was 8:19 pace @ 151 versus 8:44 @ 152 today. That's 25 seconds per mile!

This was really an annoying run. My hip bothered me the whole time and I felt like I wasn't running efficiently. The hip, the wind, and the trail made me feel like I never got a groove. While I thought I definitely could have qualified if I'd run a marathon last week, I'm sure I couldn't have today. The marathon gods are fickle.

The hip thing is my #1 injury concern now. The pain is where my hip meets my thigh and I feel it from all sides (front, side, back) at various times. Hopefully the increased taper this week will help. I'm planning to do roughly the same thing except drop the mid-week double and shorter the Sunday run to two laps. That should be about 55 miles, which is frankly so low that it scares me a little bit. We'll see if I can stick with it.


Mindi said...

Stick to it! I'm sure the taper will sharpen you and you will be ready to go. Resist the urge to overdo it with all the little nagging injuries!

My guess is your bad run is the 2 days of not enough rest and crap food. That gets me every time.

What was your max weekly mileage this season?

Greg said...

I hit 75 once, but had 8 weeks of 70-72 and 3 more 69-mile weeks.