Saturday, November 15, 2008

an "easy" 5

Hot and humid today.

My hr/pace splits last Saturday and today (same route):

08 November - 9:51/123, 8:56/125, 9:07/127, 9:26/ 131, 9:08/128, 9:08/125
15 November - 9:48/142, 8:57/127, 9:08/135, 9:23/136, 9:17/134, 9:28/140

The first split today is probably a screwing HRM, but the rest should be accurate since I was sweating like a pig! Checked the temps and it was 64 deg and dew pt of 62.6. Hey, isn't it mid-November?

I've developed a mild pain in my left hip/butt. I really felt it in the turns on the track yesterday. I should probably be careful tomorrow, so I doubt I'll do a full 13 at MP. Either half that or none of that.


MN Ultra Runner said...

Our weather patterns have definitely started to separate. My run this morning was in 28F with snow flurries, which is actually great running weather. Two months from now that will be shorts and T-shirt weather.

Greg said...

Not that Northern Virginia is anything like Minnesota, but today was a total freak day. The poor bastards running the Richmond marathon! It was 70 deg and 66 dew pt there at 10 am.

Tomorrow the high is supposed to 52 and low is 31. Bizarre.

Mindi said...

I too am in the very cold camp. 62 actually sounds quite welcome! :)

Be careful with that butt/leg. I have had that before. Get a tennis ball and "sit" on it / roll around where the pain is. It helps loosen up the muscle. It is an over-use injury, but can be managed. It also can quickly get out of hand. Hopefully it is just one of those freak taper pains.